Former Moldovan President Dodon charged with embezzlement

The accusations relate to the case of theft in the purchase of electricity for Moldova in 2008 alt=”Ex-president of Moldova Dodon was charged in the case of embezzlement” />

Igor Dodon

The Prosecutor General's Office of Moldova charged the former president of the country, Igor Dodon, in the case of embezzlement of funds during the purchase of electricity in 2008 by the state company « Energocom”, according to the agency's website.

According to the investigation, in 2008, Dodon, being First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Trade, facilitated the signing of a contract for the purchase of electricity, as a result of which the state suffered damage in in the amount of $11.9 million. According to the Prosecutor General's Office, the purchase price for electricity increased unreasonably, and the difference was transferred to the accounts of offshore companies.

At the end of May, Dodon was detained and then placed under house arrest as part of a criminal case initiated under four articles of the Criminal Code. He is accused of passive corruption, receiving political party funding from a criminal organization, illicit enrichment and treason.

The basis for opening the case was footage from 2019 from the office of the Democratic Party of Moldova. In the video, businessman Vladimir Plahotniuc, who headed the party, hands Dodon a package, presumably with money. In Moldova, this incident is known as the “bag case”.


Dodon himself denied receiving money from Plahotniuc. The former president explained the initiation of a criminal case by the desire to achieve his “flight from the country”; and an attempt to divert attention from the problems of Moldova “when everything goes wrong.”

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In the Kremlin, commenting on the arrest of Dodon, they called the situation an internal affair of Moldova, but at the same time expressed concern about what was happening. “Of course, we are alarmed that again such practices and persecution are being applied to those who are in favor of developing friendly, mutually beneficial relations with the Russian Federation,” — noted Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

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