Foreign Ministry bans representatives of Denmark and Iceland from entering Russia

Foreign Ministry: 31 representatives of Denmark, Norway and Iceland are banned from entering Russia More than 30 journalists, officials, businessmen and scientists from Norway, Denmark and Iceland will not be able to enter Russia, the Foreign Ministry said. The department justified these measures as a response to the accession of these countries to the EU sanctions alt=”The Ministry of Foreign Affairs banned representatives of Denmark and Iceland from entering Russia” />

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

31 representatives of Norway, Iceland, as well as the Danish autonomous regions (Faroe Islands and Greenland) are banned from entering Russia as part of the response to sanctions, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The Ministry did not publish a list of persons prohibited from entering, but indicated that it included members of governments, parliaments, journalists, public figures and representatives of academic and business circles. They, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry, “actively promote anti-Russian rhetoric and participate in the formation and implementation of policies directed against our country.”

16 representatives of Norway, nine representatives of Iceland, three representatives of the Faroe Islands and Greenland will not be able to enter Russia, the ministry specified.

The Foreign Ministry motivated the introduction of this measure by the fact that Denmark, Iceland and Norway supported EU sanctions, in particular personal restrictions.

The latter, in particular, joined part of the restrictive measures of the EU in mid-March, they concerned the financial, energy, technology, transport and defense sectors of Russia, and also imposed restrictions on “hundreds” of individuals and legal entities. Oslo also expelled three Russian diplomats for activities it considered incompatible with diplomatic status (Russia expelled three Norwegian diplomats in response) and handed over Mistral anti-aircraft missile systems to Kyiv. Moreover, from 7 May, Russian yachts, pleasure craft and commercial vessels with gross tonnage over 500 tons will not be able to enter Norwegian ports.

In early April, US authorities concluded that a number of countries, including Norway and Iceland, had introduced such export restrictions against Russia that were consistent with those imposed by the United States. They are fully compliant with the US Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) export restrictions.

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