Forbes learned about the yacht of billionaire Molchanov put up for sale

The 74m megayacht Aurora is on sale for €130m. It managed to avoid detention in Spain in March as it took time for authorities to trace the owner through a chain of companies, El País reported

According to the vessel tracking service MarineTraffic, Aurora is located in the Turkish port of Gocek. The ship arrived there from the coast of Spain.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Pull yourself together: what phrases you can not say to an upset employee Instructions Pro Inflation around the world is getting out of control. Where It Leads Pro Articles Living to 120: Why PayPal Co-Founder Takes Growth Hormone Pro Articles How to Deal with Impostor Syndrome in Five Steps Pro How-to Guides for Russia's Industry Transitioning to a “Resistance Economy” Research Pro “My Ex is Haunting Me”: How to Get Rid of an Obsessive Employer Instructions Pro Into the Depth: What Freediver Skills Are Useful in Everyday Life Articles Pro For Both Robots and Humans: How to Write a Working SEO-Optimized Text Instructions ; repair at the shipyard MB92 in the port of Barcelona. In March, the Spanish authorities ordered the detainment of the Aurora and the Valeri yacht that was parked next to it, which they associated with the head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov, who fell under sanctions (in Rostec, the message about the arrest of the yacht and its connection with Chemezov was called a deliberate lie to discredit Russia). However, Aurora still managed to leave the port. The fact is that in order to detain the vessel, the authorities had to establish the owner, which they needed time, since the yacht, according to El País, belongs to the businessman through a chain of companies.

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