Experts explained who benefited from the strike on Yelenovka

Kyiv has a second “Heavenly Hundred”

Experts no longer have any doubts that the attack on the colony in Yelenovka, which killed 53 and wounded 70 prisoners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including members of the banned in Russia, “Azov”, was carried out by missiles of the American MLRS HIMARS on orders from Kyiv. The wounded themselves, telling about at least two arrivals, refute the version of Kyiv propagandists who claim that the explosion occurred from within.

Photo: Global Look Press

Military expert Mikhail Khodarenok notes in his Telegram channel that “tails, retaining rings, small fragments and other individual components made of thick-walled metal are characteristic features of American jet systems. At the same time, Ukrainian media all day long “justify” the Armed Forces of Ukraine and write that the Russian military struck themselves.”

– The version that “they struck themselves” is not being exploited for the first time, recalls another military expert, captain 1st rank in the reserve Volodymyr Gundarov.

In a conversation with a MK” journalist, he recalled that starting from May 2014, Ukrainians constantly repeated that the residents of Donbass are shelling themselves, categorically denying that the shelling is the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

– Here it is necessary first of all to look at who benefits from what happened in Yelenovka? Gundarov notes. – Obviously not the Russian side. What happened: the prisoners started talking, a tribunal was being prepared, and the Russian side is interested in them not only as convicts, but also as witnesses who know a lot about the crimes of the Kyiv regime. That is, Kyiv, of course, benefited from the death of these people. Including even purely for propaganda reasons. Before that, who were all these inmates of Azovstal? A bunch of Vsu-shnikov who surrendered to the Russians. At that moment, from “Ukrainian heroes” they immediately turned into traitors. But now, after death in Russian captivity, they again become martyr heroes. Well, how? It turns out that they surrendered, believing the Russians. They thought they would be safe, they would be treated humanely, but the Russians themselves beat them. And this despite the fact that there are already actual confirmations that American HIMARS killed them.

The expert emphasizes that even the Western media strongly doubt the version that Kyiv is pedaling about the events in Yelenovka. Even explanations like this do not pass: if the Ukrainians did it, it was by accident, because they missed.

– The version of an accidental hit also does not stand up to criticism, Gundarov believes. – HIMARS missiles are guided by satellite target designation and, upon impact, have a deviation from the target of only about 30 cm. This confirms that they were hit accurately. Zelensky does not need these witnesses. Kyiv propagandists will now certainly begin to spin the topic of Ukrainian martyr heroes innocently murdered by Russians. According to the same scheme, after the Maidan, the myth of the “heavenly hundred” was promoted. Now they have a second “heavenly hundred”. And if they need it, they will organize a third one.


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