Ex-Prime Minister of Turkey announced gas reserves in the Black Sea for 45 years

Turkey discovered the Sakarya gas field on the Black Sea shelf in 2020. Its reserves are estimated at 540 billion cubic meters. m, the country's authorities said

Gas reserves discovered by Turkey in the Black Sea will be able to cover world consumption for 45 years, former Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said.

“We have found gas, we have 540 billion cubic meters of gas. […] The Black Sea has energy reserves to meet the world's needs for 45 years, — he said (quote from CNN Türk).

Yildirim also saw great prospects for Turkey in the development of hydrogen energy. “We say that natural gas is clean, but even natural gas emits carbon dioxide, which causes the greenhouse effect. But there is nothing in hydrogen. You evaporate water, it becomes a gas. Carbon-free exhaust— a true environmentalist,— said the ex-Prime Minister of Turkey.

Turkey discovered the largest natural gas field in the region in 2020, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. It is located on the shelf of the Black Sea, about 150 km from the Turkish coast, and was named Sakarya, and its initial reserves were estimated at 320 billion cubic meters. m.

Erdogan called the discovery of the field a new era in the history of Turkey, which will be able to radically solve the problem of energy shortages, and in the future will make the country a gas exporter. The Turkish President also said that gas production is planned to start no later than 2023.

In early May, Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez, in an interview with Kriter, estimated gas reserves at the field at 540 billion cubic meters. m. According to him, before the start of production, it is planned to launch 10 wells. At the initial stage, the production level will be 10 million cubic meters. m per day, and after three or four years— 40 million cubic meters m per day, he noted.

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Ankara will lay a pipeline along the bottom of the Black Sea to transport gas. The construction of the 39 km long onshore section is scheduled to be completed in November 2022, Anadolu reported, citing the Botas company responsible for implementing the project.

The Daily Sabah newspaper notes that Turkey is completely dependent on gas imports, primarily from Russia. When the Sakarya field reaches peak production, Ankara will be able to reduce gas imports by about a quarter, the newspaper writes.

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