Europe has solved the problem of gas shortages: a country friendly to the Russian Federation will provide record deliveries

The EU assures that gas imports from Russia have decreased from 40% to 20%.

Europe has found a way to partially solve the problem of shortage of natural gas, which was formed in the context of the energy crisis. This was caused by anti-Russian sanctions imposed due to the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

According to Haber7, Europe has relied on Azerbaijan, which will increase the supply of “blue fuel” to 11 billion cubic meters.

The country wants to break the record of natural gas supplies in 2022 – up to 9.1 billion cubic meters.

In 2023, the figure will reach 11 billion cubic meters, InoSMI writes.

According to media reports, Azerbaijan has come to replace Russia and is already increasing gas supplies.

Against this backdrop, EU Foreign and Security Policy Chief Josep Borrell confirmed that they have made progress in buying fuel from Norway, Algeria and Azerbaijan.

“The harsh reality is that this winter we are approaching the limit of how much additional gas we can buy from non-Russian sources. Thus, the main part will have to fall on energy savings, that is, demand reduction”, – said Borrell.

At the same time, Russia's share of gas imports dropped from 40% to 20%. And this is due to an increase in the volume of purchases of liquefied natural gas (LNG), its share in consumption has only doubled.

In mid-July, a memorandum on partnership in the energy sector was signed between Azerbaijan and the European Commission.

< p>The EU continues to talk about increasing gas supplies, the Southern Gas Corridor is of particular importance in relations with Azerbaijan.

Recall that the Southern Gas Corridor is the supply of natural gas to Europe from the regions of the Caspian Sea and the Middle East.

As Topnews wrote earlier, Gazprom announced problems with the supply of turbines for Nord Stream – its delivery is not possible due to the sanctions of Canada, the EU and the UK.


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