EU considers Russia’s threat to break off relations with Bulgaria unfounded

Due to the expulsion of diplomats, Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria Eleonora Mitrofanova will raise the question of closing the embassy in this country before the Russian leadership

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's decision to expel 70 Russian diplomats and embassy staff is fully consistent with international law, and Moscow's potential severing of diplomatic relations with Sofia will only increase Russia's international isolation, the European External Action Service said in a statement.

“The European Union deplores the unfounded threat of the Russian Federation to break off diplomatic relations with Bulgaria in response to Bulgaria's decision, in full compliance with international law, to expel 70 employees of the Russian embassy who acted in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,” noted in the message.

The decision to expel 70 diplomats was announced on June 28 by the BNR agency, citing the acting prime minister of the republic, Kiril Petkov. He claimed that most of them worked undercover for the secret services. The plane with the Russians declared undesirable persons should fly to Moscow on July 3.

The Russian Embassy called Sophia's accusations and the decision to expel her “an unprecedented, slanderous, completely unfounded and provocative act.” If the decision is not reversed, Russia will face the issue of closing the embassy, ​​the statement said. Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria Eleonora Mitrofanova also did not rule out that Moscow could break off diplomatic relations with Sofia.

On July 1, Mitrofanova announced that she would raise the issue of closing the embassy with the Russian leadership. “Responsibility for the further grave consequences of this step lies entirely with the government of Kiril Petkov,” — says Mitrofanova's Facebook message (owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned).

Bulgaria has expelled Russian diplomats several times this year. On March 2, the two were declared persona non grata, as they were allegedly engaged in intelligence. On March 18, Sofia decided to send ten more diplomats, and in early April— the first secretary of the embassy, ​​against whom a case of espionage was initiated in Bulgaria. Russia expelled Bulgarian diplomats in response.

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