Congresswoman Green called on the US to leave NATO to ensure “Putin’s victory”

“This is a power game that endangers the whole world”

Despite the fact that the United States provides active financial support to Ukraine and provides it with weapons to resist Russia, not all representatives American authorities agree with the policy that is being pursued in relation to this situation. Thus, a member of the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, said that the United States must withdraw from NATO in order to ensure the victory of Russian President Vladimir Putin in a special operation in Ukraine.

Photo: AP

On her Twitter page, the congresswoman said that the American people do not want a confrontation with Russia, but NATO and the “stupid leaders” of the United States are doing everything to drag the country into it. At the same time, Greene noted that there can be no winners in this conflict.

According to the politician, the escalation over Ukraine, which is not a member of NATO, carries the risk of using nuclear weapons and is a power game that puts under threat to the whole world. That is why, as Green noted, the United States should withdraw from NATO.

The Congresswoman also criticized the administration of US President Joe Biden for supplying weapons to Ukraine. In addition, she stressed that Washington had already sent $54 billion to the Ukrainian side. Green concluded that American taxpayers finance all of Europe's defense, even though Ukraine is not even a member of NATO.

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