Congress urges intelligence to assess damage to US security due to Trump

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The head of US national intelligence, Avril Haynes, should assess the possible damage to national security that former President Donald Trump could cause due to the storage of classified documents in his residence in Florida, it is necessary to hold a secret briefing on this issue as soon as possible. That request is contained in a letter from House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff and House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney to Haynes, published by Politico.

serious threat. This issue requires full consideration in addition to the ongoing investigation by law enforcement agencies, — congressmen called.

The letter notes that the published search warrant and seized property register mention 11 sets of secret documents, among which there are files classified as “confidential”, “secret”, “top secret”; and “confidential classified information.”

Unauthorized disclosure of top-secret information entails “exceptionally serious harm to national security,” the congressmen said. They stressed that at least one report states that the FBI's investigation involved highly classified documents that relate to nuclear weapons, & mdash; the secrecy of such documents is one of the highest in the United States.

The letter to the head of National Intelligence also notes that the storage of secret documents of such importance in the residence is a potential violation of the law on presidential archives and laws protecting national security, including number— espionage laws. “Those who are entrusted with access to classified information have a duty to protect it,” — congressmen emphasized.

In early August, the FBI raided the Florida residence of the former president of Mar-a-Lago. The National Archives and Records Administration suggested in February that Trump, as he left the presidency, removed 15 boxes of documents from the White House, including classified documents. The documents were later returned, however, according to media reports, the Ministry of Justice initiated the issuance of a search warrant to the FBI to make sure that no documents were taken away from the estate.

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Two months before the searches, in early June, at least one Trump lawyer wrote in writing that there were no secret documents at the politician's residence, The New York Times wrote. The newspaper noted that the written statement suggests that Trump's lawyers did not fully disclose to the US authorities information about classified documents at the residence. By mid-August, the FBI suspected Trump of violating the espionage law, Politico reported.

Trump refused to testify against himself, citing the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution during several hours of interrogation. He considered that the “greatest witch hunt” was launched against him; in the history of the country. “I once asked, “If you are innocent, why are you using the Fifth Amendment? Now I know the answer,— Trump explained. The ex-president is confident that the American authorities and the media are persecuting him, which is why he is forced to remain silent.

He called the incident an “un-American, unjustified and unnecessary raid and infiltration.” to his house, claiming that he declassified these documents before his resignation from the presidency. “They could get this (documents. — RBC) anytime they wanted without playing politics and breaking into my residence in Mar-a-Lago,”— Trump said.

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