Congress moves to impeach attorney general over Trump’s house search

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Georgia) has announced that she has submitted a draft resolution to Congress impeaching Attorney General Merrick Garland over searches of former President Donald Trump's estate. This is reported by The Hill.

The resolution argues that the Attorney General's personal consent to the issuance of a search warrant “represents a blatant attempt to prosecute a political opponent.”

Green also criticized the call of the head of the Ministry of Justice publish documents on investigative actions, calling it an “attempt to intimidate”; Trump, whom she called “President Joseph Biden's political rival.”

GOP members, including Green, have repeatedly accused the Justice Department of prosecuting Trump on political grounds. However, says Hill, the chances that a resolution to impeach Garland will be approved, given that the Democratic Party now has a majority in both houses of Congress. It's also unclear how many Republicans will support Green.

Searches at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate took place on Monday, August 8. According to The Wall Street Journal, 11 sets of classified documents were confiscated from the ex-president, including those marked “top secret”. The Washington Post wrote that FBI agents were interested in documents related to nuclear weapons.

Trump called the search “an un-American, baseless and unnecessary raid” and also said the documents seized from his estate had been declassified. He accused Garland of “the greatest witch hunt in history.” country and refused to testify against himself, taking advantage of the fifth amendment to the Constitution. According to the ex-president, the FBI warned Biden in advance about the searches, which made what happened a “coordinated attack”; this was rejected in the White House.

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