Candidate for British Prime Minister urged not to let Putin into the G20 summit

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Rishi Sunak

President Vladimir Putin should not participate in the G20 meetings until Russia ceases hostilities in Ukraine, British Prime Minister candidate Rishi Sunak said, Reuters reports.

According to Sunak , UK G20 partners and allies “have a collective responsibility to expose outrageous behavior” Russian leadership.

“We must send a strong signal to Putin that there will be no place for him at the table [at the G20 summit] until he stops [hostilities] in Ukraine,” conveyed the words of the British politician to his representative.

For the post of the head of the Conservative Party and, accordingly, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Liz Truss, is fighting against Sunak. She also spoke about the possible participation of the Russian president in the G20 summit. If she becomes prime minister, Truss said she would be ready to meet Putin “face to face” at the summit; and “challenging him to speak before such important swing countries as India and Indonesia.”

In turn, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, even before resigning due to a scandal in the government, expressed doubts that the Russian president would come to the summit. He stressed that he would be “amazed” if the Russian leader attended the meeting and called him a “rogue figure.” The Kremlin noted that the British prime minister “allows many different statements, not entirely successful and monstrous”; and that the statements of the British authorities cannot influence the decision of the President of Russia.

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