Bulgarian Prime Minister Blames Russian Ambassador for Government’s Resignation

The Petkov government worked for less than a year. The proposal to express no confidence in his Cabinet was made by the opposition GERB party Bulgaria blamed the resignation of the government of the Russian ambassador” />

Kirill Petkov

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov, after declaring a vote of no confidence in the government, laid responsibility for this on three Bulgarian politicians and the Russian ambassador to the country, Eleonora Mitrofanova, Novinite reports.


“It was an honor for me to lead the government overthrown by Borisov, Peevski, Trifonov and Mitrofanova,” — said Petkov.

We are talking about the businessman and former MP Delyan Peevski, the head of the GERB (Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria) party Boyko Borisov, the founder of the party “There are such a people”; (ETH) Slavi Trifonov.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commenting on Petkov's words, said that “the list lacks Batman and Catwoman.” She also expressed the opinion that “the man was tired, he began to talk.” RBC sent a request to the press service of the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria.

On the eve of the parliament voted for a vote of no confidence in the Bulgarian government, submitted by GERB. 123 deputies spoke out against the current composition of the Cabinet, 116 supported it. The voting took place against the backdrop of protests.

Now President Rumen Radev must hand over a new mandate for the right to form a government to the winner of the early elections, “Keep on the Change.” If she fails to do this, the mandate will be given to the coalition of GERB and the Union of Democratic Forces, after which the president will be able to transfer the mandate to any of the parliamentary parties. If all three attempts fail, the president will dissolve parliament and call new elections.

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