Britain to vote on vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson

Voting will take place on the evening of June 6th. The reason was the scandal over the participation of the prime minister and the leader of the conservatives in parties during strict coronavirus restrictions in Britain

Boris Johnson

Members of the UK Conservative Party will vote on a vote of no confidence today, June 6 Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the government party scandal during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is with reference to a statement by Graham Brady, chairman of the party “Committee of 1922”, reports The Guardian.

According to Brady, the vote will take place on Monday, June 6, from 18.00 to 20.00 GMT (from 21.00 to 23.00 Moscow time). He also said that yesterday he informed Johnson about this.

If Johnson gets enough votes in his support, a new vote cannot be held within the next year.

A no-confidence vote is held if Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee, receives letters of request from 15% of the party's deputies (at the moment it should be letters from 54 party members). “Committee of 1922” name the parliamentary group of conservatives who did not get into the government, left the government or recently joined the party. Brady did not tell the journalists exactly the number of appeals he received.

How the voting works

Voting for confidence in the party leader is secret, ballots with the results of the vote are collected in a ballot box.< /p>

It is forbidden to take pictures in the premises of the party committee. This is to ensure that party activists cannot demand photo proof of voting results from party members and that party members who are paid as members of government can freely vote against or for Johnson. In total, the Conservatives have 365 seats out of 615 in the House of Commons.

If a Member of Parliament is outside London, he may appoint a colleague to vote on his behalf as a proxy. The counting of votes begins immediately after the completion of the process, and Brady will also announce the results of the vote.

The fact that Brady has received the appropriate number of applications and is preparing to announce a vote on the issue of confidence in Johnson was previously reported on Twitter by a journalist from ITV channel Paul Brand and Times Radio political commentator Lucy Fisher. As The Guardian explains, TV and radio journalists are often the first to know about such events, as they need to set up cameras and other equipment in advance to cover what is happening live.

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Graham Brady last week declined to comment on the process and answer the question of whether he received letters asking for a vote of no confidence from 54 deputies, citing confidentiality. About 30 Conservative MPs have previously publicly confirmed that they signed the letter of no confidence, but it is believed that about as many MPs may have done so secretly, The Guadian notes.

Calls for Johnson's removal from power have been emerging since December last year due to the scandal with the prime minister's parties during the quarantine. Then The Guardian newspaper published photos of Johnson and his wife surrounded by several civil servants in the garden on Downing Street in May 2020. On the table in front of the politician and the company— wine and cheese. According to the publication, a total of 19 people attended the event. At the time, there were strict anti-COVID restrictions in Britain: only two people who did not live together could communicate with each other in person.

Later, The Mirror also published a photo with Johnson during a quiz, which, according to the publication, was held at Downing Street on 15 December 2020. The photograph shows the prime minister sitting at a table next to two colleagues: on the right hand— a man with festive tinsel around his neck, on the left— a woman in a Santa hat.

Johnson initially denied that there were parties on Downing Street, but on December 8, speaking in the House of Commons, he promised to check.

January 31, 2022 Second Secretary of Government Staff Sue Gray released her report on events, including Johnson's birthday parties on June 19, 2020 and before Christmas, held at his residence at the height of the pandemic.

Johnson issued a public apology. The head of government promised to “fix” everything and assured the British that the Cabinet of Ministers can be trusted.

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