Britain considers Russian maneuver at the Holy Nose dangerous

The spy plane was in international airspace, the British embassy said. Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the British RC-135 violated Russian borders, a fighter was sent to intercept it

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The British reconnaissance aircraft, which the Russian Ministry of Defense accused of violating Russian borders, was carrying out a “routine operation in international airspace,” according to a Telegram message from the British Embassy in Moscow.

The incident happened on August 15th. British reconnaissance aircraft spotted over the Barents Sea. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, he violated the state border in the area of ​​Cape Svyatoy Nos, which is located on the eastern coast of the Kola Peninsula. A MiG-31BM fighter jet was raised to intercept, which drove the British reconnaissance aircraft out of Russia, the agency said.

However, the British Embassy claims that this is a “wrong interpretation” happened. According to the diplomatic mission, the British RC-135W Rivet Joint aircraft “performed a routine operation in international airspace in the Norwegian and Barents Seas,” and “a Russian MiG-31 performed a dangerous rendezvous maneuver.” with him.

“The British aircraft crew was in contact with the Russian air traffic controllers and acted safely and professionally,” — noted at the embassy.

The day after the incident, on August 16, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the UK had submitted an application for a flight plan (a flight plan is provided before departure to the air traffic control authority) for the flight of his RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft along the route, including over the territory of Russia.

The department called this application a “deliberate provocation”; and ordered the Russian Aerospace Forces to prevent violations of the country's air borders. “All possible consequences from this deliberate provocation will lie solely on the side of Great Britain,” — stressed in the Ministry of Defense.

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