Austria accepted the terms of payment for Russian gas in rubles

Austria has not recorded any problems with gas supplies after the cessation of imports to Poland and Bulgaria. Vienna believes that payment under the new conditions can be made without violating the sanctions ” alt=”Austria has accepted the terms of payment for Russian gas in rubles” />

The Austrian oil and gas company OMV has adopted new terms of payment for gas in Russian currency, Chancellor Karl Nehammer said at a press conference.

“We, that is OMV, accepted the terms of payment, as did the German government. They [the conditions] were found to be consistent with the conditions of the sanctions. It was important for us, — TASS quotes him.

Energy Minister Leonore Gewessler after Gazprom's statement on the suspension of gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, said that there were no signs of stopping gas supplies to the country, fuel through Ukraine and along the Nord Stream; delivered without restrictions, according to Salzburg24.

On the morning of March 27, Gazprom announced that he had suspended gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland due to unpaid payments in rubles. The company also warned that if the gas operators of these countries begin to unauthorizedly take Russian gas from transit volumes for third countries, then supplies for transit will be reduced by this volume.

"Gazprom" indicated that it regularly delivers through the territory of Ukraine according to the confirmed applications of European consumers. As of April 27, the declared volume is 48.7 million cubic meters. m.

Decree on payment of gas in rubles for “unfriendly” countries President Vladimir Putin signed at the end of March. According to him, the European counterparty must transfer payments in euros to a foreign currency account with Gazprombank, after which the bank will sell the currency on the stock exchange and credit it to the foreign company's ruble account in the same bank. Only after that the fuel will be considered paid.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Why it is difficult for Russia to sell more in China Ray Dalio and Cathy Wood Reply Articles Pro How “Asos of the 90s” Became the Most Sudden Failure of the Dot-Com Era Articles Pro Russia has double-digit inflation. What assets can insure against it Articles Pro IT companies on suitcases. Will Support Measures Help Stop Their Departure?According to the explanations of the European Commission, the new gas payment scheme in rubles comes into conflict with the sanctions regime against Russia. According to the regulator, the procedure for the mandatory conversion of currency into rubles cannot be qualified as a foreign currency loan to this bank from a European company.

At the same time, the EC believes that after the approval of the new payment procedure by Russia fuel without violating the sanctions is possible. Thus, the decree provides for the issuance of separate permits for settlements in foreign currencies, but the procedure for granting exceptions is not yet clear. Another option is a “clear statement”; on the fulfillment of payment obligations after transfer to a foreign currency account with Gazprombank, however, confirmation from the Russian side will be required.

The main importer of Russian gas to Germany— Uniper— earlier this week, she said that payment for Russian gas under the new conditions, without violating sanctions, according to preliminary estimates, is possible.

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