Armenian Russophobes falsely accused Moscow of blowing up Surmalu

Russia sent a note to the Armenian Foreign Ministry on this occasion

The Russian Embassy in Yerevan sent a note to the Armenian Foreign Ministry. Russian diplomats asked the country's authorities to moderate the Russophobic fervor, which & nbsp; began to disperse after the tragedy in the Surmalu shopping center in Yerevan. Some Armenian media disseminated an openly false version of the involvement of Russian law enforcement agencies in the tragedy. What is the real position of the authorities and the Armenian population? In this “MK” helped to sort out the vice-chairman  State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Konstantin Zatulin.

Photo: Global Look PressWhat kind of nonsense does not give rise to the inflamed minds of Russophobes around the world. Here are the Armenian Westerners with a nationalist odor from the Sasna Tsrer party made a massive stuffing in the information field, stating that “Surmalu” supposedly … blew up the Russian special services. Some media outlets picked it up and added that some kind of FSB handwriting was allegedly visible in what had happened. (In fact, the cause of the fire in the shopping center, where, by the way, stationery burned last year, is most likely banal negligence and violation of fire safety rules, revealed by an official audit already a year ago). 

At first, accusations of the attack were made against Azerbaijan and Turkey, which is already quite familiar. But after this version was rejected by the investigation, the “hand of Moscow” was immediately revealed.

The note of the Russian diplomatic mission in Armenia states that the Armenian authorities should now not only take measures to prevent the spread of such statements, but make a public comment on the situation.

Incident in Russian-Armenian relations “MK” commented the deputy head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Konstantin Zatulin. The deputy noted that no one had made any official accusations against Russia.

“Everything that happened, of course, is experienced in Yerevan, they are looking for the reasons for what happened. Now the official version, as far as I know, coming from the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other structures is negligence associated with firecrackers. Officially, no one has put forward the idea that this is a sabotage.

As for the rumors, of which there are a lot, they arise for any reason, especially for such as an explosion in a shopping center. To be honest, I did not catch that there could be some kind of advanced PR campaign about Russian involvement. Of course, there are people in Armenian society who are sure in advance that Russia is to blame for everything, and recently their number has grown. We are now going through a difficult stage in our relationship, because each of us is a little offended by each other.

Zatulin noted that the points of view in the Armenian society are diametrically opposed. Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh literally “pray” to the presence of the Russian peacekeeping contingent. Bloggers in Yerevan, who themselves did not participate in that conflict, tend to blame Russia for everything. “This environment is close to individuals, including Pashinyan himself. They came out of this environment. They have always looked askance at the Russian presence, and all sorts of rumors can be born there. I am sure that the reason is too fake to draw far-reaching conclusions on this basis.

Armenia is an independent state and is looking for friends not only in Russia, says Zatulin. “The current government especially loves Brussels and other structures. Relations with the current government in Russia are quite complicated, no one denies the alliance, but at the same time there is no complete trust between the parties. 

The deputy expressed confidence that the majority of people in Armenia, and even more so in Nagorno-Karabakh, does not place any responsibility on Russia. “I don’t know why the embassy considered this a sufficient reason. Maybe they know better how to react, they are in place.


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