Arestovich’s withdrawal for the staff of Zelensky’s office received an explanation

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Until this spring, Oleksiy Arestovich was an adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine. He was responsible for all sorts of stuffing and created a pool of public opinion leaders (LOM) for a salary of $ 600 a month.

According to the Legitimny TG channel, then he was hated for lying about the end of the conflict with Russia two weeks later, and he was taken out of the state.

Then everyone in Kyiv thought that this was the end of his career. However, Arestovich understood that Ukrainian society would “stink and disperse”, so he withstood the blow.

“The desire to believe in fairy tales is in the blood of many Ukrainians. For all 30 years they willingly believed in rogue politicians, always choosing swindlers to power,” the channel noted.

Kyiv feared that Arestovich’s toxicity would harm Vladimir Zelensky, so at the time of the crisis they removed the “political jester ”.

“Although he fulfills all the instructions of the head of the OP Yermak, realizing that his task is to distract society by throwing all sorts of nonsense on the information fan. For this, he receives a good salary of more than a million hryvnia,” experts said.

Arestovich considers this moment his “golden time”. He became popular and “cuts the loot.”

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