Alisa Teplyakova and her brother are trying to enter the university for paid places

10-year-old Alisa Teplyakova and her 8-year-old brother Heimdall could not enter the Synergy University; on the budget — in the lists of those who will study at the expense of the state, there were no child prodigies. Now they are participating in the competition for places with tuition fees.

According to the press service of the university, Alice applied for state-funded places in two programs, but for passing the internal entrance test in the direction of “Pedagogical Education” did not appear, and also did not provide documents to the selection committee. Now Alice and her brother Heimdall are participating in the competition for paid places. The girl applied for five directions, the boy — by four.

As Synergy noted, children will still be denied admission because of their age. The fact is that every first-year student who enters undergoes internships in various companies, and according to the law, an employer in Russia cannot accept children under the age of 14 for internships.

The father of geeks, in turn, denies the admission of children to Synergy. On August 11, he published a post (the first was on July 23), in which he wrote that “no Alice entered any Synergy.” The message also contains criticism of the rector of the university.

The rector of the university, Artyom Vasiliev, on his own behalf and on behalf of the university, sent a pre-trial claim to the father of many children about publications in social networks as part of the protection of business reputation. If Teplyakov does not delete the records, the university will start legal proceedings.

Recall that earlier the University & nbsp; refused to enroll  child prodigies Alice and Heimdall Teplyakov due to age restrictions.

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