13 hours without ventilation. We paid for the installation of a diaphragmatic stimulator

Two years ago, Mikhail Vasin, who suffered a spinal injury in a swimming pool, could not breathe without a ventilator. And then you paid for the operation to install a diaphragm stimulator for him. Today, Misha no longer needs any equipment to breathe.


13 hours a day to breathe independently without a ventilator and stimulator – such a Mishin record. He has been living with his father in a rented apartment in the north of Moscow since the end of February. Then Mikhail was discharged from Scientific Center of Neurology and… they didn’t take me anywhere for rehabilitation. The Vasins decided to take care of themselves. Every day, without breaks on weekends and holidays, doctors and rehabilitators come to Misha: they treat bedsores, verticalize, give massage. The main emphasis is on getting the patient to breathe on their own. After all, Vasinykh finally agreed to take one of the centers for rehabilitation. The trip is planned for the summer. And, looking at Mikhail's perseverance, we are sure that she will give results.

AiF. Good Heart” helps children and adults with severe and rare diseases. We provide medical, legal and psychological support to wards from the most remote regions. By supporting the foundation, you help not only them, but also their families!

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